SiteAlert™ Upgrade Expands Capabilities

In preparation for new customers in Q1 2012, Gridata upgraded its SiteAlert™ service today to add major features, improving access control, security, user interfaces, customizability, device integration, and scalability.

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IEEE Spectrum on Consumers and Conservation

Great article in IEEE about consumer behavior and energy management, located at IEEE Spectrum – Smart Conservation for the Lazy Consumer. Our comments are located there, as follows: This article does a great job of introducing some thoughtful characteristics of

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Retailing Today on Whole Foods, EnergySmart Jobs, and PECI

Article in Retailing Today describes how data analysis is critical to identifying all aspects of the value created by energy efficiency projects.

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Wall Street Journal on Telemetry Analytics

Article in Wall Street Journal quotes GE’s Bill Ruh with comments that directly validate Gridata business model on telemetry-based predictive maintenance and energy efficiency.

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SiteAlert Compatible Sensor List Expanding

Gridata is expanding its list of compatible on-site sensors and subsystems, using a qualification process that includes real world testing in our device lab. With four different vendors of systems in the field today, Gridata has built up a significant base of knowledge from pilots and trials to start to grow the diversity of systems available to customers.

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Example of How Refrigeration Is Critical to the Food Business

We’ve begun collecting stories that are rarely told, but loom in memory of most facilities managers, about the types of risks and costs that are mitigated by SiteAlert. Here’s a link to a show describing the creation of Amy’s Kitchen almost sunk the company.

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SiteAlert™ Pilot Launch

Gridata has launched a pilot of its SiteAlert™ service with a regional grocery chain. The diversity of stores generate data streams that are automatically watched by software to detect threshold conditions, to trigger alerts for facilities managers and equipment service contract providers.

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Podcast: Gridata Platform and Impact on Industry

Lisa Cohn of Real Energy Writers recorded a podcast interview in two parts with me on June 23, 2011, and wade into the landscape of energy management, utilities, and Smartgrid technology.

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Microsoft Hohm Retirement – What Does It Mean?

Microsoft’s approach to making recommendations for homes was a commendable effort, and fits well into the landscape of analytics that are now beginning to evolve from the early monitoring-only solutions. These are the kinds of recommendations that are needed to support consumers to make informed decisions.

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Google Powermeter Retirement – What Does It Mean?

The energy management ecosystem is abuzz with the retirement of the Google Power Meter, a frontrunner in the space about how to demonstrate energy usage to consumers. Here are some relevant thoughts on the topic.

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