Retailing Today on Whole Foods, EnergySmart Jobs, and PECI

Article in Retailing Today describes how data analysis is critical to identifying all aspects of the value created by energy efficiency projects. Such projects improve the sustainability profile of grocers, add jobs at a crticial time in our economy, and permanently improve the cost profile of retail operations. Check out our comments on that article:

“Kudos to Whole Foods and PECI for advancing the state of the art for grocers.

As this project shows, gathering high-resolution data for before and after assessments for groceries and restaurants is critical to identify the appropriate remediation for each individual store, and validate the desired results afterwards. However, the binding constraint on remediation is always the available capital that can be invested at once, so typically only greenfield projects achieve full efficiency potential.

For the majority, efficiency is an incremental process, with yearly improvement projects. The best way to optimize this ongoing activity is to collect high-resolution data year-in year-out, not just in the context of a one-time audit.

The technology is becoming available to cheaply collect and analyze data from refrigeration controllers and in-store sensors all the time, while also using the data to automatically diagnose the health and condition of all energy-intensive equipment throughout the store in real time. Imagine a system that does this centrally for all your stores, compares performance across stores, catches hiccups before they turn into crises, and produces weekly, quarterly, and annual reports with recommendations and analytics?

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