Gridata Launches Energy Intelligence Platform

Gridata™ today launched the company’s Energy Intelligence Platform, an embedded business intelligence solution for energy management gateways in home area networks (HANs). The software is designed for appliance & consumer electronics manufacturers looking to easily add sophisticated energy management capabilities to any of their products. By building on this platform, the products become endowed with an intuitive, integrated awareness about energy use that allow consumers to make informed decisions regarding their every-day energy consumption. It also enables these companies to manage and service their products in the field.

“The Gridata™ Energy Intelligence Platform has been refined through rigorous market research and over two years of co-development with major customers in the Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) market,” said Michael Leppitsch, CEO and Founder of Gridata. “Our energy management solutions guarantee interoperability among the rapidly evolving list of communication protocols and industry standards being used by our OEM partners. With the platform located in just one of the devices in the home or business, the rest of the sensors and smart appliances become intelligently connected, addressing utility and consumer needs together in a single solution.”

The Energy Intelligence Platform is one product in Gridata’s™ line of business intelligence solutions for sensor networks. Designed specifically for energy management applications, it benefits from the company’s long-range technology vision for the machine-to-machine communication space, and Gridata’s™ position as the intelligence layer for such networks.

Click here for the June 6 Press Release.


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