SiteAlert™ Upgrade Expands Capabilities

Based on continued feedback from customers throughout 2012, Gridata is now adding online alert management capabilities to its SiteAlert™ service. Please contact us for a preview of these features, including detailed rendering of event episodes, creation of user accounts and groups, assignment of alerts to individuals and groups, a revised dashboard, and online adjustment of alert parameters.

The features build on the core capabilities released in January 2012, and include:

  • Online setting of alert thresholds, time limits, and other parameters, to detect problems with each individual machine in your business;
  • Online creation of user accounts for new employees or service staff, grouping of users, and assigment of alerts to users and groups;
  • Online updates of changing information of each user, such as email address, phone numbers, and other details to effectively deliver alerts;
  • Online chart rendering of the data from individual alert episodes, to replay what happened and help detect root causes;
  • Online review of detailed logs and events, showing a comprehensive history of changes, alerts, and user activity at one glance;
  • Multi-user and multi-device access control, so you can designate specific individuals in different departments for equipment in those departments, and remove equipment not in their sphere of influence;
  • Detailed control over who sees what data, keeping people focused and preventing information overload;
  • Improved security on user interfaces, so login sessions are better protected from intruders;
  • Better customizability, so users can improve ease of use and their familiarity with the data;
  • Improved integration, reducing the time to add new sensors, gateways, controllers, and other systems.

We are excited to present these new features in the SiteAlert™ product, which were inspired by customer feedback and pilots. Please contact us to discuss how SiteAlert™ can relieve you of worrying about the condition of your machines, and give you a handle on the energy and maintenance bills of your refrigeration, HVAC, and other “powerhog” equipment.


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